Wednesday, February 13, 2008


OK, Fine. I'll write a training blog.

I ride the trainer for intensity workouts, and rollers for recovery days. I watch cycling videos to help prevent myself from gnawing off appendages while spending time on said devices of torture.

The other day while riding rollers, I was following the boys in last years Amstel Gold Race, when the TV Moto setup for an approaching corner.... it's an interesting feeling to be so tuned in, that I felt myself starting to setup for the corner myself.

I've never caught myself doing that on the trainer. It doesn't happen during cyclocross vids, because the Motos don't follow behind the action. rollers really do feel like the real road... maybe a little too much?

Ride safe... inside or out.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Forgive me reader, for I have neglected... it's been almost two months since my last blog... "My, how time flies".

I could say "I haven't had time to write" with the craziness that is the holidays, then my focus has changed at work.... plus it's the off season, and I'm not a big fan of training blogs. I'll read the coaches blogs, but hearing about LSD (long slow distance), riding the rollers, or spending 6-7 hours in blizzard conditions with temps below 0 (Centigrade) gets old fast. I spend enough time doing some of those things... and not liking it. In my mind, misery does not love company enough to read very much about it.

So on a different note, I've been having some discussions about time lately. How do I have time to do what I do? "What I do" will be covered in my next post... (I have not ignored your tag, Gary.)

Over the summer, an Aunt of ours shared an incredible insight.

Using "I don't have time" is a terrible excuse, a better reply would be "That's not important enough for me to NOT do something else."

For some reason, "I don't have time" is more socially acceptable than the alternative. Maybe it's because "I don't have time" doesn't really blame anyone for our "inability" to do something.

We all have time to do anything we want. The key is what do we want to do. We choose how to spend our time, prioritizing what is REALLY important, and then work down the priority list to those things we "don't have time for". We tend to put Work way up there... well, it does pay the bills, and I do like to eat. Family time is a requirement, but what about my bike time?

This time of year it's rough, since I'd rather ride than drive, but riding on ice (not so bad) with cars (VERY BAD) is not much fun. So I loose time driving to work that could be used for training.

So, I don't have time to watch TV (I haven't watched much TV for almost 8 years). And lately, I have not had time to sleep as much as I should...