Monday, October 23, 2006

BA Cyclocross 2 - 2006 Kirtland Park

October 22, 2006

Second day in a row, and after a hard day at the 'cross office, I went home and cleaned two bikes for the next days race. No time for a nap, I just hoped to recover the legs enough to get back into the fray for Sunday's race.

Kirtland Park is that little park on South Marginal road across the freeway from Burke Lakefront Airport. I did my first 'cross race here 3 years ago, so I've got a soft spot for it. This year October Lake Effect have brought the venue back after not racing here last year. New promoter, slightly different course. For as muddy and sloppy as the Chagrin River course was, this was mostly soft grass.

The course started on a long grass straight away right into the wind. A few twists led to the first stair run up, which could be mostly bypassed by riding along the right of the steps. Then pavement around to the amphitheater, where we do 3 180 drops along the rows, the last of which included a barrier before the turn. Then to the second set of stairs. Drop down to the base level, 180 around a tree, and go around the from of the stage. From there we twist around the statue, then up over a nasty little hump and onto the gravel path. Twist around and through the playground and back into the wind for the start finish.

The course was pretty short, though I'm not sure the total length I'll estimate it at 3/4 mile. So lots of laps... The forecast was a rainy cold day with the high at 50. So again, I've got clothing issues. My choice yesterday worked out, but it's cooler today. So after warming up with base layer and a jacket, I opt for the long sleeves, and no base layer. If I'm cold, I'm not working hard enough.

B/C race was really fun to watch. After a one minute pause the first C racer caught the back end of the B race in a half lap... might say something about where that guy should be racing. He was turning in lap times as fast as the front of the B race.

The front of the B race broke into groups really fast. 5 guys at the front, followed by a chase group of 3 including Rick Adams (SBR). The groups worked well together but soon the front group split again, then there was two alone up front, followed by three and three. Some solid group efforts going on... even if the front two were not in doubt, the race for 3-5 and 6-9 was shaping up nicely. Tony Marut had a mechanical that dropped him out of the 3/5 group and he had to work hard to get back into the 6-9 group. Rick did a nice job of working his group, even though a couple of other guys surged around him.

At the line, it's the usual suspects with the addition of Brad Beeson from Spin on his plush full squish MTB. 10 Masters, and we're off. Brad sets a blistering pace at the start. I'm staying in 7th wheel into the wind. I seem to remember having some trouble getting around Derrick last year, so I jump a bit to get in front of him before the first turn. It's Rudy, Jeff, Brent and Brad followed by Bill and I and the rest of the field.

Up the stairs, and onto the pavement, I'm following Bill close. Up ahead, Brad is mixing it up with the fast guys... surprises me, but we'll see how this goes. Into the amphitheater, and we line it out, we clear the first 180 fine, but on the second one, Bill overcooks it and slides out. I hold it on and thread it around him and try an attack! I'm hoping to again hold him off now.

Derrick is on my wheel, as I try to drill it over the course and into the head wind. Ouch! This is work. Bill is a bit back, but I'm going to push hard to make him work to make it back. Through the wind is lots of work, I'm going to have to think about this now. Through the start finish, I ran a 4 minute lap... this is going to be fast.

I make it around for the second lap and Bill as back to me, Derrick is fading, and Brad is off the front three's wheel and headed our way. Bill makes it back to me by the twisty stuff, so I slow and let him take the lead... if you want the front, I'll stick on your wheel through the wind. I follow all the way through, pretty much the whole lap, I attack through the second stair set, and make him work to get around me again in time for the wind... I feel bad, but not too bad. He pulls for the second time.

I let him lead me up the first stair set, and I'm basically crawling up his wheel when he dismounts. I had a bit of a cleat stick issue, and screwed that up... so I think I should try and lead through the stairs... I'm taking them faster so it might be a good move. Bred is coming back faster, and I think Bill is catching on... I come around him and Brad before the wind.

This time Brad makes a move to pull through the wind... and I let him. I'll sit on his wheel. Bill is on mine. I get Brad to pull through twice, then I attack around the tree and open a gap. Things are smooth, but Bill is on the wheel. Then he gives it a go at the top of the stairs and gets a gap. He holds it through the twisty stuff, but I'm able to sprint back to catch his wheel. It seems to me that I've got an edge through the technical stuff, but Bill has got a bit more motor than I do right now. I'd open a gap, and he'd close it... he'd open a gap, and I'd be able to close... it was tight racing.

Up through the stairs again, and the front end of the A field is on us. Ernesto has attacked Paul and is on a roll. Nate and Jake are chasing as well. We make the amphitheater, and around the two 180's headed for the barrier, when Ernie calls the A racer. So instead of remounting at the top, I run the drop after the barrier to let him through... and Bill takes advantage! Totally screwed up my momentum, cause now I've got to chase without the drop to help. Ernie makes his move around Bill at the stairs. I hit the stairs hard and I'm back to work, I've got to catch them, hopefully before the long straight.

Down and around, they get 20 seconds in no time... Paul comes around me before the straight and again, I slow to give him space... not helping my cause at all here. So I'm alone through the start finish with 6 laps... YES 6 laps to go. We only did 6 laps in the whole race yesterday.

For the next two laps, I'm able to hold the gap at about 20 seconds, but I cannot close it. Maybe Bill has taken Ernesto's advice of only using the good lines when they aren't on your wheel, I'm trying to pull out all the stops. But that gap does not drop.

Brad is gone, so again I hold on for 5th. I ended up getting caught by 7 of the 10 A race finishers, and I caught 2 of the remaining 3. Pretty monotonous, but I'm coming around. At least it's a race.

Tactically, this two race weekend was fun. Even though I didn't come out on top either time, it was fun to think about the race and try stuff to gain and advantage. It's better than just head down slog through the 50 or 60 minutes.

It's now three races in a row that I've let time go slowing down while the A race came by me. I'm not sure how to handle this. I don't want to get in the way of the A racers, and slow them down, but I also don't like slowing down to let them by and basically giving up my battle for place. It's no problem when they pass me in open space... it's the technical parts that get me. Like passing at the barrier. I gave space, and gave up a place and momentum in being a nice cross guy. I don't know if I could have held onto the battle for the remaining 6 laps, but it would have been nice to find out. I guess the best thing to do would be to ride faster, so I don't get caught. I wonder if I can get that fitness by the next race.

Chagrin River Cyclocross Challenge - 10/21/06

October 21, 2006

Snakebite Racing

This is the second year we've run this course on Brett Davis parent's property in Chagrin Falls. A mostly flat course of about 1 1/8th mile which ends up including everything except a run up and pavement. There's a sand section, lots of twisty grass, some single track through a stand of pine trees, off camber stuff, a big log crossing, and a creek crossing. We took out a barrier section this year, but we added a real set of 38cm barriers replacing the logs that everyone could ride. With addition of the beer tent, some thumping tunes, and temps in the 50's with sunny skies, we had all the makings for a Belgian 'Cross race, including some mud.

Lots of rain over the last week or so had us scrambling. On Wednesday, Brett told me the sand was under the Chagrin River. By Friday night, it was open again, the barriers were up and things were looking good. That is until Brett was clearing the leaves off the course and found our creek crossing was about 7 feet wide and over a foot deep. A little too much for us... Saturday morning we improvised a foot bridge out of some 2x6 lumber laying around... we set up a barrier on the approach so people had to get off and wouldn't try to ride the bridge. Because of the new barrier, we cut up part of the log crossing to make it more ridable and the course was finished at 11:50 for a 12:00 start.

We had plans to get two lines of vehicles parked along the driveway, but with the last minute course work, no one was around to direct the parking. With 71 racers showing, and almost as many cars, it was parking chaos. So even though my intent was to get a decent warm up, I was still trying to get cars someplace to go. Ah the life of helping out a promoter...

I had clothing issues... what shall I wear? I don't want to be cold... or hot. In the end I opted for the short sleeves and arm warmers... assuming feeling cold during the race last weekend was a fluke. With all the rain and the conditions, I decide to run the Michelin Mud's. I've got a set of Tufos, but have had no luck getting them to hook up in the muddier courses. I also brought the spare bike today. I've still got my Surly from last year that I've been using for commuting, so I put the Tufos on it, and leave it in the pit for emergency purposes.

B/C Race
31 B racers racers toed the line. Ed Delgros (Summit Freewheelers) set a blister pace to take the B race by almost 2 minutes. Ryan Wayne spoiled Tony Marut's (October Lake Effect) 15th birthday party by out sprinting him at the line for second place.

In the C race, Mark Kimmerle (Alan Factory) finished first in the field of 14, followed by Mason Morgan, and another birthday boy, junior Drew Bercaw (Pista Elite).

At the A/Masters race start, we sang a round of "Happy Birthday" for Brent Evans (Color-Me-Safe Racing) to round out the birthday celebrants on the weekend.

There's the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, Richter Earthquake scale, and then there's Dave Carr's Mud Index, a 0-10 scale grading consistency of mud, starting at 0 for dry dirt, and going to 10 for river water. We probably hit 9 of the 11 grades (adjusted for Ohio conditions of course). Click the link to follow along at home.

Since the Linda Miranda's official van got stuck in the mud, we moved the start forward a bit. The 15 A's went off and a minute later, I'm racing with 8 master's and 2 women.

For some reason I got a pretty poor start, and am sitting about 7th. Over the last week, I'd decided I didn't really want the hole shot as it takes a lot of energy, and it doesn't gain me much to be on the front and then get passed... but I certainly want to be in the top 5, since that's about where I belong. The start is over a grassy field with a grade 1/2 (damp earth/adobe clay) mud underneath. As soon as the grass is broken, the mud starts moving. I take the line high just outside the flags to move into 5th position, behind the normal Brent, Rudy, Jeff and Bill as we hit the sand pit.

Shoulder the bike and carry the sand... and past. Right after the sand is a short steep ramp that can be considered a run. At the top we remount and head back to the field for some long passes across the field. 3 180's, and we're heading to the beer tent. Right before the tent, there is a slight rise covered with grade 4 peanut butter. Slick stuff here that claimed lots of B and C racers. Through the tent, and to the barriers.

Into the pine stand, and we hit a section of mud that was a mix of grade2/3 (Adobe Clay/Play-doh) with some pine needles thrown in for a nice brick making compound. This stuff was stick to the brakes all through the race. I was taking a line straight through this in warm ups, while everyone else was by-passing to the right. Back on solid ground, we take a quick 180 and head through the stand. Across a culvert, and out to the off camber. At the beginning of this section, it's through some slop (grade 8) before hitting the grassy slime (grade 6). The off camber made this tricky section fun to keep the tires in line.

Out of the off camber we head to the gravel drive, but not before a dip in some glop (grade 7) just to pack in the slime from the previous section. After turning along the drive, we transition to some more grassy play-doh, over the bumpy section and up to the back yard. Next up, the grade 9 soup that drenched the shoes and did some good at cleaning the bike every lap. Through some rollers on grade 2, and we hit the log. Twist some double track, and head to the barriers/ foot bridge/ climb. Around some more grade 2/3 stuff and back to the start finish.

Not bad, we probably could have gotten the grade 10 river water in if we'd not put in the foot bridge. So the only thing we missed was dry dirt of grade 0.

So through the first lap, and I'm sitting 5th most of the way, in the second lap, Rudy and Brent start to open the gap. Jeff jumps off his bike and grabs his spare, as Bill and I are still pretty close, with Bill doing most of the work. Ed Delgros has jumped into the Master's race after his win in the B's, and I'm pretty sure I can hold him off... being his second race should have cooked him for this.

Second lap, and Bill pretty much gives up coming through the start finish. Even yelling I'm cooked as we come through... so I give it the gas to open a gap. I'm third, and I want to hold this. Through the lap, and I'm avoiding the pine mix, but I'm still getting too much dirt in my wheel. I've got to hold off Bill and Jeff, as he makes his way back up. They somehow close the gap to me, Jeff gets around me, but is dealing with a rubbing brake. I end up not able to stick with him as he pulls away. Shortly afterward, Ed also gives it the gas and gets by me... how does he do that? Second race, and he's schooling us.

Through the third lap Bill and I are battling it out. He's some how recovered and though I've opened a nice gap, I bobble in the off camber section, where I almost hit a phone pole. As I get moving, I pick up enough leaves and mud to pack up the front wheel. I'm hoping to wash it out/or push it out over the gravel, but no luck... It's packed tight. I decide it'll save me more time to clear it. So I come to a complete stop on the bumpy section. I back the bike up and eject the crap from the wheel. The get moving, but not before Bill is back on my wheel. Through the back section, and I decide again to carry the log, hoping it'll slow Bill down. He makes his move as I remount, and I'm back to chasing.

Through the fourth lap, Bill is opening a gap. Bike is not shifting well, and it seems to be getting heavier with mud. I've got a pit bike, why not give it a go! The reason for the pit bike is a clean bike that should be faster than the slope covered bike... shift well and maybe I can make up the 20 seconds or so Bill has on me in the remaining two laps.

I have this idea, and make a decision in about 100 yards. Off the Steelman and onto the Surly. I make the change right before the rise to the beer tent. I run the rise, hop on and ride to the barriers.

I bought the Steelman to be the race bike, I knew it was lighter than the Surly, but I didn't realize what that meant until I lift the barriers... "Woah, this thing is a pig!" Even clean, I'm sure the Steelman was lighter. Smaller bars, are also instantly noticeable, but I should be able to make some ground! Off I go in the hunt.

Well, it turns out the bike change in this instance was a mistake. I buried myself over the next two laps. Unfortunately, I still have issues with the Tufos hooking up, and all the differences between the two bikes are really annoying... longer reach, narrower bars with shorter drop... It's also time to replace the shifters on the surly, as they tend to not shift cleanly. It's OK on the road, I know how to handle it... during the race, it was disaster. So instead of making up time, Bill opens up on the fifth lap. I haven't learned enough to actually pick up the Steelman again, so I complete the race on the Surly. In the end I lose a minute and a half on Bill, though I will say I sat up during the last half lap, when it was obvious a waste of effort to try to pull him back. Especially since there's another race tomorrow.

Overall it was a really hard race. All the mud turned everything into a slog fest. Tough the bike change eventually turned out to be a mistake, I was not sorry I tried to race a tactical move. I guess it's time to spend on that bike and set it up right. Another set of Mud's may also be in my future. It'll still be heavy, but if I can get it mechanically sound, it may have made a positive difference in a race like this.

Check out Ernesto's Solo Goat Blog for the A race rundown. Ernesto Marenchin(Asylum/Speedgoat), Paul Martin(Texas Roadhouse), and Nate Ziccardi(Savage Hill) passed me like a train in the middle of the pine stand on my fourth lap. Shortly there after Ernesto and Paul dropped Nate, then Ernie attacked and held on for the V.

The Master's race was won by Rudy Sroka(October/Lake Effect), followed by a hard working Jeff Craft(October/Lake Effect) who recovered from the flat, and made up space from 7th back into second. The birhtday spot for the day was third, since the birthday boy, Brent Evans(Color-Me-Safe Racing) made it three third place birthdays out of four races.

After the race, we all hung out for a bit for cake and beer, and the podium. Pictures are sure to follow. Special thanks to Linda Miranda and Lynne Marut for scoring the race, and Brett and his parents for hosting a fun event, well fun except for the actual time I was on the bike.

Monday, October 16, 2006

BA Cyclocross 1 - 2006 Fairport Harbor

October 15, 2006

Midterms this week, so this might be a little bit weird. Let me know if anything is totally off.


Finally time to get started. This year the Lake Effect guys have added a new race category, Master's 40+. So I've got a dilema... I can race either the A race or the Masters race... and I'm torn.

The master's field will be taking numbers away from the A race, as probably half of the regular A's from last year can race in the Master's field. It also gives some of the faster B masters a place to go instead of racing against Paul Martin, Ernesto Marenchin and Mike House. My biggest problem in the A field last year was that there weren't enough people racing A's to make it a race. The fastest guys would pull away, and I'd be riding on my own... ahead of one or two others, but without someone to chase... so it was more like a 10-15 minutes race until the gaps got huge, then I'd be doing a Sunday cross practice ride at less than 100%. If I race master's, I feel like I'll be part of the problem... then again, there may actually be some racing in the Master's field.

So... I arrive at the venue, and I still don't know what to do! What a wishy washy bike racer I am.

The Course

Fairport Harbor is a new location. It's right on the beach, so I expect some sand... and boy is there sand. From the line the course is on grass next to the road. The grass leads to some sidewalk, and drops off a curb to cross the road. It then twists around a sidwalk climb, around a lightpost, and down to the amphitheater run up. You can almost remount for the ride up the hill... but if you miss the pedal, you'll stall and loose more than it's worth. Once remounted, there's the nice off camber decent leading to some grassy twists back to the theater stage. Then across the lawn toward the beach.

More twisting sections before we have to deal with the sand. On the way to the beach we go around a stump... that is in same semi hard packed sand. Turn to hard, and the bike will wash out. Down a nice drop to a short, soft beach section that climbs up to the previous level. I was dismounting before the drop and running this section for lots of reasons. Once back on top, there was some hard pavement/sand leading to two short sand section, before turning onto the sidewalk to head to the second half of the course.... and more sand.

The second half had two sand pits separated by a twisty grass section around some barbeque grills, then through the beach house to... more sand. A straight, semi hard section leading to a softer section, leading to a log crossing. Then a hard packed sand parking lot lead to a short paved climb that went up and around a gate over some broken pavement, then headed back down to the parking lot. This section had some bumpy grass section leading to the one set of barriers, a three pack in grass. Back on the bike, and back to the bumpy hard packed sand parking lot. Then you twist around a paved traffic circle, up a shorter paved climb before hopping a 6-8 inch drop back onto sand. (yes, that was sand, I'll explain later). We then dropped back to the start finish.

Overall I got about 1.25 miles per lap. With all the sand, it was a tough little course. The key would be to find the right lines through the sandy sections to not loose time, then figure out where to recover. It's a little cool at about 50+ degrees, and pretty windy. Fortunately it's mostly protected, but there are some spots that it makes a difference. A nice tail wind along the sidewalk... and some headwind sections going back through the start finish.

So, I think Erwin Verveken is a sand specialist, I hear that the Netherlands cross courses are very sandy. The trick is to turn as little as possible on the sand, cause you're sure to go down. At one point during the B/C race, I watched a guy get turned sideways in a sand pit... the bike stalled, and from a complete stand still, he just fell over. Like the guy on the tricycle in the old Laugh-in shows. He never came unclipped from the pedals, and his bike just lifted right over him. It looked pretty amusing... especially since I figured he couldn't really get hurt in sand.

So, the B/C race goes off and I'm cheering on my teammates as they figure out the course. Rick, Gary and Don, joined the 27 B racers that showed up, in that order. I still haven't decided what to race. In the A's I'll be racing Brett and the young super fast guys. In the Masters' I'll be racing some of the older super fast guys. In the end, I flip a coin, and join the masters. The only big deal about this is I make the decision for the whole season at the first race. So know I'm commited.

As we lined up with the A field, word has it we'll start as a bunch. I was thinking that would be cool, until I realized that we wouldn't really have our own race then. Rudy decided we could vote on the start and one of the 12 Masters wanted the mass start... so we decided to start 30seconds after the A's. 14 A's and 13 Masters, so both fields were reasonably sized.

Oh, and there were some fast guys in the A field, so I figured I had made the right choice. Not that the Master's field was a slouch... we had Rudy, Jeff Craft, Brent Evans, Bill Marut and Derrick Wilford among the group. And I figured the finish would include the 6 of us, but had only a few ideas on the actual order.

Off the A's went, 30 seconds... and the season has started!

I get a good start and slightly lead it onto the sidewalk. I figure I don't really want to totaly set the pace, so I let Brent ahead, and sit on his wheel. Up the first run up, It's the two of us on the front of a reasonable group. We hit the beach together, and I take a pull next to Brent, then slide back in as we head to the second half.

Along the sidewalk, we catch the first A rider. This guy probably should not have been in the A race, but he was. As we come up on him, a couple of guys are shouting warnings that we're coming up. I guess one guy got a bit overheated about it and told the guy to get off the course. Not really fair. The guy did pay for entry, and was getting totally killed. Still...

So into the sand, and I'm still second wheel. Feeling pretty good. We hit the log, and I've got the roll over move down. Once onto the parking lot, Rudy lays down the attack, and the gap starts to open. Rudy and Jeff make a move, with Brent. It turns out only Bill and I are left. so the ordering seems to be setting up as I expected. Throughout the entire next lap, I'm keeping everyone in sight, but the gaps are opening. I'm feeling pretty good, but not good enough to close things down.

But we are starting to bring the back end of the A field in. Then Bill pulls around me and opens his gap. OK, so I'm getting back into the rythem of cross. Keep the gap to Bill constant. Work on bringing the back end of the A riders, and wait to try to make my move to catch Bill at the end of the race. One by one, Bill is picking off the last A's. I'm keeping about two guys between us. The gap is opening slowly, but doesn't seem to be out of hand. I just need to keep the pressure up.

I've never been cold during a cross race before... (that I remember) but for some reason, it took me a LONG time to warm up. I don't know if I should have put on a baselayer, or if I'm actaully sick, but for the first 3-4 laps, I was downright cold.... and wasn't I so cross eyed that actually I thought about it and even now I remember being cold. So something wasn't right there. Just don't know what!

About halfway through the race, things start going a bit side ways. I'm closing on Thom Dominic, from the A race. Bill is in front of him still in sight. I get on Thom's wheel through the barriers, and sit comfortably heading into the start area. As we head off the pavement, I rail the corner trying to accelerate past Thom to start to bring back Bill, when I realize (the hard way) that there is hard packed sand right off the pavement. My front wheel digs in, and I go down... still clipped in, the bike goes bouncing up above me... and I am reminded how unamusing this is... even though it looked almost exactly like that C racers wreck earlier... except I wasn't at a standstill. Ouch.

Now Thom has reopened the gap, and I've got to go bring that back again! Fortunately I wasn't down long, but it does take your momentum away. For the next lap or so, I have to convince myself to keep up the pressure. I notice my heart rate is down, and I'm not pushing as hard as I should be. Thom has opened his gap a bit over this time, and I finally get back into my rythem and start to bring him back again.

Now my back is starting to hurt, my lungs hurt, everything is getting painful... I must be doing something right then... My gaps are staying reasonably constant, so I'm not loosing a lot, but I'm not gaining either. Thom seems to be yo-yoing. I'm bringing him back, then he opens up again...

When I raced A's, my first goal was to not let Paul Martin lap me. I figured I was doing ok, if I could stay on the lead lap. With 2 or so to go, Mike House (former US CX champ) and Jake Stechman catch me, I slow before the run up to let them by. Thom has opened his gap up again, and I can't see Bill anymore. Behind me, I can only see Paul Martin and a couple of A racers I've already passed, so I just have to work on pulling back the tail end of the Master's field. Paul catches me on the same lap.... then Ernesto gets me with 2 laps to go. I worked to hang with each of these uber fast A racers for as long as I could, just to check my technical lines, House and Steckman carried from the top of the beach drop through the sand. Ernesto takes the same lines as I do through the off camber drop.... I can't hold Pauls wheel through hard/soft sand before the log (duh!).

So 4 A racers get me, though they did get a 30 second start, I don't see how I would have held them off if I'd joined the A race. More confirmation that I'm in the correct race.

As the laps go on, my shifting starts to really deteriorate. Sand is some nasty stuff. By the end my gears are skipping like crazy.... every time I jump on the pedals, the gears skip. How am I going to catch anyone if I can't apply the pressure I want? Whenever the gears shift, I try to move to one harder gear. That seems to keep me moving.

The only lap cards I see are 6 to go, 4 to go, and then I look, and there are no numbers... ! How many more? They say this is it... where's the bell? I've got bell issues from my last road race. OK, so I've got one lap to see what I can do... so I just bury it. On the last lap, I picked up one more lapped rider, but things were pretty set.


So as expected, Rudy took the win, Jeff was second, then Brent for the podium. Then Bill, me and Derrick. There was no time data taken, so I don't really know how far back I was. I do know my heart rate was pretty constant, but I didn't really go as deep as I remember going in the past... so maybe there's some improvement opportunities there.

It seems like I'll be chasing Bill this season, so the goal is to get in front of him... and maybe get onto the podium, though that seems like a tal order with the looks of this field.

In the A race, Mike House took the win ahead of Paul Martin. Jake Stechman had some mechanicals with 3 or 4 to go, and ended up dropping off of House's wheel, but managed to hold on for third. Brett Davis did a bang up job of his first A race staying on the lead lap and pulling in an 8th place.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday Night Cyclocross Practices

We're setting up the course and running 'cross practice on Tuesdays at Brett Davis parent's property.

We had about 11 show up last night for some 'cross night antics... loads of fun. Brett and a few others spent about an hour working on clearing the course, then we spent about an hour riding.

Same thing next Tuesday, though I guess there will be less work and more riding. Brett and I are planning on showing up at 5:30 again. Come whenever you can though and jump right in.

7177 Bainbridge Rd
Chagrin Falls, OH

Course info:
Pretty much the same course as last year with some minor modifications. Laps are about 1 1/8 mile. With the rain, it was slow going through the fields, and there were some soft spots in the woods. We've got 2 log crossings set up, one sand pit and the creek jump/run up. My lap times were running about 6.5 minutes.